You may ask yourself, why did I come here? What is this place anyways? Why shouldn’t I close this tab right now? The most likely answer is google, some blog and because you’re bored and lazy. In that case, you’re just like me!

This is the boredom killer. I write here to kill my boredom, and you’ll read here to kill yours. This blog is chock-fully of blogging goodness, it has everything that I find interesting, and since you arrived here, you’ll probably find it interesting as well. I don’t post thing of a specific category like politics all the time. This blog, like a good person, is well-rounded, and like a good planet is has a little bit of everything.

You may ask yourself, who is this guy, and what makes him think his blog is worth anything? Well, I’m a 18 year old Canadian, about to start his first year of university. I don’t think this blog is amazing. I think I’m bored, and I think I’ll post some stuff, and I think it would be nice if you left me a comment.


Circa January 12, 2007.

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